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The Wisards' Library

Notes and scratchings about a history

The Order of Wisards' Library
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One day when she was ten, and trapped in a Primary school English class, Rose began what could well have ended up as a god awful Mary Sue original fantasy story. Thankfully she never finished it.

Years later, on a lovely spring day in a High School English class, she spent an hour writing a short story about the end of a war and the destruction that victory can bring.

It wasn't long after that she realised that they were both parts of the same story, rewritten many times through her own maturing. She wrote another part of it and began to post it at fanfiction.net before they split. Eventually she decided to gather the skills she had learnt writing fanfiction to turn her earlier stories into something worth reading.

This is that attempt.

Good Luck.

In the year 2017, Lynra turned 13. It was the year she was chosen as apprentice to a travelling Healer and began to learn more than school could teach her. While her classmates leant how to turn pots or bake bread, Lynra began to discover that there were secrets in her mothers' past and a prophecy still unfulfilled.

The Library of the city state of Binraya was supposed to be the most open and comprehensive in the world. But Libraries can only archive things written on paper or in stone. Too few people were prepared to face what was coming: they either didn't know, or knew too much. Pre-written history and war was going to errupt between the very people whose loyalties bound them to Lynra herself.

There may occasionally appear to be Mary-Sues in residence in this Library. Please be quick to pounce on them, but be gentle when you catch them. All comments welcome.